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General FAQs

Anybody can meet SP during the visiting hours from 4pm to 5pm on all working days.

Crime Branch

Call telephone number 100 or Contact the nearest Police Station. Rush to the nearest Police Party or Checkpoint.

Take the victim to the nearest hospital. Inform the police the numbers of the vehicles involved in it. Do not hesitate. You will be treated as a ‘Police Friend’.

Yes. Each of the 33 Police Stations has a Police Vehicle. For immediate action in emergencies call telephone numbers 100 Control Room at 33 mobiles are detailed for additional patrolling (called as second mobile) Four ACP in two mobiles One DCP for city patrol.

Traffic Control Branch – SP Office, Bavda Road, Kolhapur .In any Divisional Office of the Traffic branch.

Externment & Preventive Detention

As per section 55 of Bombay Police Act, 1951, if the movement or encampment of any gang or body of persons is causing or is calculated to cause danger or alarm or reasonable suspicion that unlawful designs are entertained by such gang, or by members thereof, then such gangs/ bodies of persons can be dispersed and ordered that they remove themselves outside the area. This is process is called externment of gangs and Sub Divisional Magistrates in Districts and DCPs in Commissionerates are empowered to pass such orders. Similarly, section 56 of Bombay Police Act, 1951 empowers the above named authorities to extern persons engaged in or about to be engaged in offences punishable under Ch XII – XVI – XVII I.P.C. .(for details, please refer sections 55-56 of Bombay Police Act, 1951 )

When the executive officers charged with responsibility of maintaining law and order / Public order in their jurisdictions have reasons to believe that activities/ movements of a person are detrimental / prejudicial to maintaining public tranquility and smooth flow of life, such authorities (C.P./D.M.) may authorize and order such a person to be detained under the various preventive detention laws.

The commissioner of Police and the District Magistrate in areas under their respective charges may issue order in writing u/s 37 (3) of Bombay Police Act, 1951 for prohibiting any assembly or procession whenever and for so long as it consider such prohibition necessary for preservation of the public order. Such written order can also be issued for prohibiting the carrying of arms, swords, spears, guns, knives, sticks or lathis, or any other article, which is capable of being used for causing physical violence.