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Kolhapur district is the southernmost district of Maharashtra. Its headquarter is Kolhapur City which is an ancient city. The city is situated on the banks of river Panchganga and is known as ‘Dakshin Kashi’. Kolhapur is seat of Goddess Mahalaxmi and is one of the Shaktipeeths mentioned in Indian mythology. Kolhapur was ruled by Silaharas, Yadavas, Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas in the Medieval times.

  • The Total Population of the District is 3,874,015
  • The Geographical area of the District is 7685 Sq.Kms.
  • The Population Density of the District is 504 Persons per Square kilometers.
  • The urban Density is 1804 and the Rural density is 327.
  • 29.65 Percent Population of the District lives in urban areas.
  • In Kolhapur district 30 Police Stations.

Our mission

  • Kolhapur Police shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favour, and strive to create a fear free environment that is conducive to growth and development.
  • Kolhapur Police will remain committed to maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, maintaining and promoting communal harmony, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, and taking strong action against terrorism, organized crime, anti-social / illicit activities / elements.
  • We will serve and protect all, particularly the downtrodden, the weak, women, minorities, senior citizen’s, slums dwellers, the poor & other marginalized sections of society. Prompt & compassionate response to every call of citizen’s in distress.
  • We will keep our personal integrity high, work as a team to make the force corruption-free, bring in transparency in our functioning, strive continuously to raise the professional skills and work for the welfare of our force.
  • Making Kolhapur a safer and better place to live is our mission and we will work for this in partnership with the community.


  • Surveillance on criminals.
  • Monitoring of records.
  • Beat patrolling, mobile and foot patrolling, surprise checks (Naka Bandis), combing operations and raids.
  • Investigation and prosecution of offenders.
  • Maintenance of law and order during festivals, elections, communal and social disturbances, natural calamities.
  • Maintenance of Internal Security: VIP security and counter espionage.
  • Special Crime: White collar crime, check on drug abuse, extortion by gangsters, control over smuggling of arms, check on gang activities.
  • Enquiring into non-cognizable cases, accidental deaths, accidental fires, etc.
  • Enquiring about missing persons.
  • Registration of foreign nationals and related enquiries.
  • Escorting the treasury, prisoners, juvenile offenders, run-away girls.
  • Verification of character, antecedents and records for issuance of passports, arms licenses and other licenses, for government employment, domestic servants whenever required, etc.